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The staircase is an extremely important asset of the house. Not only does it provide functionality that must be reliable to get upstairs and downstairs safely, depending on the layout of the house it can be an optical focal point. It is for those reasons that we recommend refinish staircase work to transform steps, treads, risers, and railings that are ‘just there’; into something that is truly outstanding.

Many owners simply overlook the fact that the staircase can be such an influential advantage to the house. The two main reasons we perform finish staircase work are because the steps or railings have become damaged or because the looks are simply outdated. An overhaul of the staircase creates a feature that is not only once again safe to use, but one that has looks that impress.

Types of Hardwood Staircase

Our most popular staircase renovation is removing haggard, run-down carpeting in favor of inviting and warm hardwood. Carpet just cannot hold up to the everyday foot traffic of going upstairs and downstairs multiple times and the worn look really takes away from the overall appeal of a home’s style.

With hardwood stairs the potentials are endless. The wood treads and risers can be stained practically any shade to match an existing or remodeled decoration. Softer colors create a staircase that provides natural light while darker shades add a richness and calmness to the home. Another popular approach is to use contrast, leaving the stair treads a natural wood while painting the riser part white, cream, gray, or some other custom color.



Get rid of carpet in favor of wood is hardly the only refinish staircase service we offer. Repair work is another part of bringing your steps back to the quality and style that they once maintained. Different areas of a staircase can experience damage over years of wear, including:

  • Stair tread – the top surface of the stairs that must bear the brunt of everyday foot traffic.
  • Stair risers – the vertical part of the stairs that can get kicked and damaged.
  • Stair stringers – the structural support of the staircase.
  • Railing and spindles – assistance for getting up stairs and to create a somewhat enclosed staircase.

Whether these components become damaged or simply need a facelift, finish staircase work is the solution. The different features create different appearances for the staircase and can be customized to your taste.


Part of finish staircase work is getting a unique look that fits your tastes and matches with the current home design. Custom work can

finish the stair treads in a number of manners such as a rounded or bull nose edge. Custom colors and a variety of rail and banister options ensures you find the staircase combination that is a perfect blend in your home.

Please contact us today for more information about repair your staircase or upgrading it to the attractive feature it deserves to be.



Fair like a consistent hardwood floor, hardwood stairs can be refinished, giving them a countless new look. If your hardwood stairs were covered through carpet, your existing hardwood stairs have lots of scratches, or you just want to change the stain color to match your hardwood flooring, re-sanding and re-finishing is the answer for you. This process includes all the steps from a regular hardwood floors refinishing (sand, stain, and finish), but the outcomes can be countless.


I and my wife loved the refinish process. Dust less and no smell. Thank you!

- Teobaldo

Andre did a quick buffing job at my place. Thank you.

- John Michale

Great service. The owner answered the phone every single time I called and was honest about what could be done. I would totally recommend him to a friend.

- Andreia Leifer

Totally recommended! Perfect, nicely done! It was totally worth!!!

- Luiz Ribeiro

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