Classic Gray on New York City

Classic Gray from Duraseal is a stain color very popular on these days. We applied it over a Red Oak flooring

Customer wants the “Classic Gray” stain color and just to be sure, we make a stain color sample on the spot before we begin.

 We did two colors sample, one with “Classic Gray” and other with “Expresso”

2 rooms apartment, a lot furniture, was hard to do any thing, special sand the wood flooring. We decided to do in two steps. one room each time. We moved all bedroom furniture to the living room and back to the bedroom and it got done.

Andre Meneguini and Bruna Azevedo are experienced professionals what did this job in only 3 days. Bruna with her special touch made sure all details get delivered and Andre did the heavy lift. Bought cleaned all after job get done and moved all furniture back in place.

Andre Meneguini
Bruna Azevedo


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